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Managed Services

Manage Your Business, Rather Than Your IT

When a company has bought and implemented their software they might think the job is done. However, one of the largest costs is the ongoing systems management. CORE offers customers dedicated CBX resources to manage your production environment to help you control costs and get you focused on running your business rather than IT. CORE’s Managed Services team brings deep knowledge of the CBX product, hardware and middleware, Product Lifecycle and Sourcing operations, and data integration management.

As with any enterprise software, ongoing troubleshooting is required to optimize the CBX system, we provide the expertise to ensure your system operates efficiently every second of the year. CORE can implement software patches and system enhancements through remote system maintenance via a secure VPN. Proactive monitoring and analysis of performance along with data storage and back-up can all be handled by our Managed Services experts. Benefits of relying on the CORE team include predictable spending on support, the right skills to service the environment without the business risk of system downtime.

Core’s Managed Services helps retailers:

  • Leverage CORE expertise to optimize operations
  • Focus your core competencies and strategic goals on business and not IT
  • Maximize system performance on continual basis
  • Control maintenance costs by predefining services
  • Ensure data safety and security
  • Maintain knowledge of specific system customizations

Managed Services Scope:

  • Problem Troubleshooting
  • Remote System Management
  • Storage Management and Backup
  • System Maintenance and Upgrade
  • System Performance Monitoring
  • Server Hosting (optional)