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Technical Support

We Help Your System Work Harder For You

CORE Technical Support is committed to resolving requests by phone, email, or through an online chat support. Depending on your requirements, our multilingual Technical Support team are available 24×7.

Before logging a case, review this checklist:

  • Has the problem occurred before?
  • Is the problem reproducible, or is it a one time issue?
  • Is the problem isolated to one or many machines?
  • Have any recent changes been made to your system?
  • What steps did you take before and after the problem occurred?
  • Note the exact wording of the error message and what you were doing when the error occurred.
  • Be prepared to state your company and your own name and contact number for a call back.

Email Support for CBX Enterprise Software


Email Support for CBX Managed Services


Email Support for CBX On-Demand Solutions


Technical Support Portal (with live chat)


Technical Support Numbers

United States: +1.908.998.1332
United Kingdom: +44.20.8133.7998
France: +33.977.218.123
Germany: +49.8166.5683.397
Australia: +61.3.9005.8102
Hong Kong, China: +852.8197.1255