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Make Supply Chain Collaboration Work For You

While implementing new software is a good step towards recharging your business, training users to employ it effectively can mean a great leap forward. Studies have consistently shown that targeted training increases productivity and produces a fast and effective return on investment. This means, despite the considerable cost of implementation, there is little justification to skimp on training, since this can impact the return on your technology investment. CBX Training can help you get the most out of your investment.

As with CORE’s other services, our training is practical and flexible to your company’s needs; we offer both onsite and offsite instructor led training along with web based training. Relying on the wealth of CBX trainer experience, users can take part in exercises geared to the daily reality of how their company operates. The training is customized based on the client’s own data which increases the learning curve allowing recipients to quickly integrate the software into their daily job functions. CORE’s integrated training approach minimizes the risk of user resistance and speeds up adoption across the company.

CBX Training helps retailers:

  • Accelerate return on software investment
  • Maximize user learning curves and skill retention
  • Ensure end-user acceptance
  • Increase job performance and productivity
  • Improve results of implementation
  • Control training expenses

CBX Training Services Scope:

  • Onsite instructor led training
  • Web based training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Access to experienced, expert instructors